Why Choose Kaliber Construction?

What Sets Kaliber Construction Apart from Other Building Companies?

  • We are a construction company with a personal touch that aim to build longer term relationships with our Clients; our repeat business is our greatest endorsement of this
  • We listen to our Clients needs and act to create their vision within their budget
  • We remove the stress from our Clients by managing the projects from inception through to completion
  • We are a flexible and adaptable team
  • The individuals who comprise our team bring a breadth and depth of experience of the industry on projects of varying size and differing construction sectors
  • We have experience of all aspects of the building industry
  • We remove the stress of building from our Clients

Key Client Drivers


We often find explaining the above Quality, Cost, Time triangle to our Clients helps in confirming what their drivers are for their projects / schemes. Unfortunately you cannot have the highest level of all three For Example if you want a high ‘Quality’ product this will inherently ‘Cost’ more and take more ‘Time’ to complete. Finding a happy medium of these three drivers is key to a Client securing their project within their budget.